Black Sheep Marketing offers the very best in gaining the necessary attention to sell a property. Whether it's images for the internet or brochures to be printed, immersive in depth videos or even drone footage to show a property's location and size. Black Sheep Marketing was developed and shaped with real estate market in mind to allow any agent and property to be catered for.

  • Dusk Photography
  • Day Photography
  • Virtual Furniture
  • Floor Plans
  • Video
  • Drone Photography/Videography

Dusk Photography

Dusk Photography allows anyone to truly embrace and appreciate the style of house. No matter what property dusk photos will always compliment the architecture and natural flow of the home. Allowing light to sweep out the windows and flow out the home showing it from the inside out, snatching peoples attention with beautiful skies that South Australia has to offer.



Day Photography

Offering the best quality photography during the day, with clean crisp images with out the normal streaks of light or over exposed windows. In some cases special HDR (High Dynamic Range Photography) is used to create the best image from the different light found in a house during the day.


Day photography may be the best option when working with busy clients or tenants, or to allow for natural sunlight to truly show the magnificence of any property.


Black Sheep Marketing uses laser measurement to create floor plans that are the most accurate visual representation of any property.